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LJ for the online manga / webcomic Aya♥Takeo, updated every Sunday, published by Sweatdrop Studios
Aya♥Takeo is a story of Space, Time, Civilization and Star-Crossed Love.

Set in a distant wrinkle of space where some things are familiar and others are forever surprising. Noblewoman Aya perseveres with her love for the lowly warrior Takeo amidst a backdrop of a neo-classical Japan under invasion by spider mecha... but who is the true enemy?

Aya♥Takeo is a free webcomic / manga updated every Sunday in full colour! It was launched in April 2007 and is set to run until Summer 2010.

The official website is WWW.AYATAKEO.COM

It will be mirrored here as well, if you find using the LJ friends system convenient ^^ Please friend us if you'd like to keep up to date with all the pages!

Other locations to catch Aya♥Takeo online:
Smackjeeves: http://ayatakeo.smackjeeves.com/
deviantArt: http://ayatakeo.deviantart.com/
Drunkduck: http://www.drunkduck.com/AyaTakeo/index.php
Kidjutsu: http://www.kidjutsu.com/title/aya-takeo-0

Collecting together the first year of the comic, it is a 64 page, full-colour large format volume (7"x10" B4 size)! Age rating teen.

UK£8.99/US$12.99 from Sweatdrop Studios: http://www.sweatdrop.com/products/ayatakeovol1.php
(credit cards and paypal, ships internationally)

You can buy from us directly at the following events:
Ayacon, Warwick, 14-16 Aug '09
Alcon, Leicester, 4-6 Sept '09
Japan Matsuri, 19 Sept '09
Birmingham Intl Comics Show, 3-4 Oct '09
London MCM Expo, 24-25 Oct '09
Leeds Thought Bubble, 21 Nov '09

Other UK/USA bookstores/comic stores and online stockists to be confirmed.

Aya♥Takeo is created by:
Lloyd Prentice (writer)
Sonia Leong (artist)